About Us


Lekhisa Trading Contractor's belief is that only by building on the reality of our interdependence we can hope to surpass all odds going forward. As a legal entity, Lekhisa Trading Contractor has mastered the courage to work on the new challenges that arise within the Construction and Development sector, thus our formation.


Lekhisa Trading Contractor strives to be one of the most trusted names in contributing towards life improving solutions in the construction contracting sector.


To grow and develop as an entity from emerging to established, thus creating sustainable wealth, employment and skills transfer to the whole human community at large.


Lekhisa Trading Contractor’s ability to get things done, identified an open door and an entrepreneurial potential to develop capital and better know-how. The vision of the company manager is to strive to be a worthy member and fully participate in a common goal to prosper in satisfying the client database with quality yields, which is the noblest service anyone can render unto his country.